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Bring the Patient as soon as possible .

In Emergency try to give us prior information by phone , so that we could make the team ready for the situations.

Keep the amputed (seperated) body part  in a polyethene bag kept inside another polybag filled with ICE and SALT.

Bring 4-5 persons with patient when there is possibility of operation to fulfill the requirment of blood.

To meet the patient , follow visiting hours .

Avoid bringing the kids if not needed. Kids are much sensitive to the infection
Family Involvement
Family members and close friends are encouraged to be a part of the care process, whenever appropriate. 

Involvement in care might be something as simple as encouraging the patients to eat or feeding the patient who is not able to eat without help. Involvement might be fluffing a pillow or smoothening the sheets to make the patient more comfortable. Most of all involvement means being with the patient, while nurses are happy to provide such care, patients surrounded by the love of the family members or a close friend reportedly have a significant quicker recovery! 

While family and loved ones are encouraged to be involved in the care process, your Consultant doctor at the hospital and the nursing staff must give permissions for them to do so. Permission from the management is also required to be with the patient either before or after normal visiting hours.

In such Special Deluxe & Twin Deluxe rooms only one attendant may stay with the patient. However in the multi bed room no attendant is allowed to stay with the patient in the room. They may use the common waiting area.

Accessibility for people with disabilities:

Parking spaces for people with disabilities is available. Barrier-free access for wheelchairs and restrooms are located at the hospital. 


Hospital Is a No Smoking Area. Patients and their attendants are strictly prohibited from smoking in the hospital premises.   Photographs Patients and visitors are requested not to take pictures inside the Hospital. Silence


is essential in a hospital. Visitors and patients are requested to speak softly and avoid unnecessary noise. Patients are advised to keep down the volume on their televisions sets. Patient relatives are advised not to crowd the area outside the patient rooms, Hospital staff are under instruction to take necessary steps to prevent noise and crowding.

Please ensure that vehicles are not parked in no parking areas and that they do not hinder emergency cases from the immediate and quick access to the hospital. Hospital staffs have been instructed not to permit such parking that obstructs, the flow of the hospital vehicles.

Uniformed security guards are on duty 24 hours a day.
Lost & Found

The Security Office maintains a lost and found service. The staff at any desk can call security for you to check on lost items.